Carolyn + John | Running Rabbit Ranch & Vineyard Wedding

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The other day someone asked me what makes Hit Maker Films unique. While I stumbled to give a good answer, I realized it wasn’t good enough. So later I gave it much thought and realized what truly separates us. It’s our yearning to find the “genuine” within a big occasion. –

Weddings can become larger than life events, but truly they’re about the small moments that happen in-between. The way a mom stares at her daughter giving her vows, true laughs between friends deciding to ditch the fancy glasses and drink straight from the bottle, the best man trying to hold it together while giving his speech, and guest reacting to the bride coming down the aisle.

These are all small moments individually, but add up to a personal film. We love an artistic film filled with details and slow-mo, but what makes us unique is we’ll always find the genuine in every situation. Carolyn & John’s film is a perfect example of this sentiment

-Kyle <3

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