Napa and Sonoma Wedding Videographer

Napa Wedding Videographer

As Napa Wedding Videographers we at HMF like to think that relationships are like wine. You try a few in the beginning to get a feel for what it’s all about, and as you develop your palate you begin to discover which flavors you like and which ones you don’t. Eventually, and often unexpectedly, you run into one so intriguing, it leaves you wanting more. It’s complex, versatile, and has a distinctive flavor—one that has developed with the right amount of time and care. That being said, what can be more romantic than exchanging vows in the birthplace of some of the best wines in the world?


As a seasoned Napa wedding videographer, HMF knows that versatility is key (and perhaps, a true appreciation for wine doesn’t hurt, either). Whether you choose to capture a sunny, hilltop ceremony with expansive views of vineyards, a candle-lit, intimate rehearsal dinner in a cavernous room lined with giant oak barrels, or perhaps a tented dinner reception highlighting an extensive selection of unique wine and cheese pairings, HMF has the tools and skills to easily adapt to the differences in lighting and sound.

Great wine-making requires both science and art, you know this. Shouldn’t your Napa wedding videographer understand this as well? Let HMF capture your Napa wedding in an artistic, technically sound manner to narrate a love story that, like every great bottle of wine, will only get better with age. We are meticulous with detail, sure in our movements, and can rise to any challenges that the day may bring.



HMF offers Napa wedding videography to a limited number of couples per year in order to provide the kind of service that our team is known for. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss a possible collaboration—or should we say, pairing?—with you and your wedding team.

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