San Francisco City Hall Weddings

San Francisco City Hall Weddings are amongst the most beautiful weddings in the Bay Area. SF City Hall’s beautiful architecture and craftsmanship make it a fitting place to hold any ceremony. The inside of City Hall features marble floors, arched windows, stone and glass walls, and a beautiful plaster dome. We’ve had the pleasure of filming many weddings at SF City Hall and have decided to create a special package exclusively for small weekday SF City Hall Weddings.

Option 1

$2,500 / month
  • 1 Videographer from our team
  • 2 Hours of Coverage
  • 3-4 Min highlight video
  • Online Delivery

Option 3

$4,500 / month
  • 1 Videographer from our team
  • 6 Hours of Coverage
  • 3-4 Min highlight video
  • All unedited raw footage
  • Online Delivery


Instagram Edit – $300

Additional Hours – $500 per hour

Ceremony Edit – $400

Raw-footage – $300

Super 8 – $400

4K Resolution upgrade -$500

You would be surprised how much coverage we  normally fit within 2 hours! Normally we are able to get footage of the couple getting ready at a nearby location, the City Hall Ceremony, and supporting footage of the couple inside San Francisco City Hall. Also, if you wish to add another hour we are able to get shots of the couple outside at a nearby San Francisco location. There are many nearby beautiful locations that we can take you to film. Some nearby locations include, Crissy Fields, Legion of Honor, and Golden Gate Park. We charge a mileage fee for locations beyond 50 miles from City Hall.

If you are in need of full day  weekend coverage for your SF City Hall Wedding, please inquire about our full day package and pricing.

Here is some additional info specifically for weekday weddings that should help with your planning process for your San Francisco City Hall Wedding:


1. The fourth floor archway (See Example

This is definitely my favorite spot in City Hall. It’s usually not very crowded in this area and offers a lot available natural light. Since it’s one of the most private locations you will have to reserve it ahead of time. Sometimes if your lucky you can ask your hired officiant to go to that area if no one else is being married at the time, but to ensure you have the space, it’s best to reserve it. They rope off the area, put out chairs, and it’s yours for two hours. To make sure you get the best lighting, make sure you reserve the side opposite of the sun. West in the morning and east in the afternoon.

2. The Mayor’s Balcony (See Example

My second favorite location in City Hall. This is another private area so you’ll have to pay money to reserve the space. Just like before, they rope off the area, and set out chairs if you choose. Keep in mind that this area can be  a bit dark during  later times in the day.

3. The Rotunda at the top of the stairs (See Example

The rotunda is the location at the top of the stairs once you enter City Hall. It is a beautiful space and offers an amazing backdrop. But since it’s right in the entrance of City Hall most days this space can be very crowded offering a less intimate wedding.


1. They allow you to reserve your date 90 days in advance, we recommend using the full 90 days to ensure you get the space you want.

2. Pick up your wedding license ahead of time. This saves a lot of time and helps maximize the amount of hours in your package.

3. Hire your own officiant. Hiring your own officiants helps make your wedding ceremony a bit more personal. Weddings conducted by City Hall Officiants normally only last 3-5 mins versus having your own officiant who usually conducts a 10-15 min ceremony. We can recommend officiants to you if you would like.

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