Had so much fun filming Emily & Vincent’s wedding at Wente Vinyards. A lovely couple, amazing team, and wonderful vendors made for such an easy day. We had the pleasure of working with our good friend Jasmine Lee Photography on this one! Our favorite part from their day was their super fun first dance. We hope you enjoy!

The other day someone asked me what makes Hit Maker Films unique. While I stumbled to give a good answer, I realized it wasn’t good enough. So later I gave it much thought and realized what truly separates us. It’s our yearning to find the “genuine” within a big occasion. –

Weddings can become larger than life events, but truly they’re about the small moments that happen in-between. The way a mom stares at her daughter giving her vows, true laughs between friends deciding to ditch the fancy glasses and drink straight from the bottle, the best man trying to hold it together while giving his speech, and guest reacting to the bride coming down the aisle.

These are all small moments individually, but add up to a personal film. We love an artistic film filled with details and slow-mo, but what makes us unique is we’ll always find the genuine in every situation. Carolyn & John’s film is a perfect example of this sentiment

-Kyle <3

I’ve been filming wedding for the past 13 years and I’ve learned there’s a few key ingredients to create an amazing wedding. It goes as follows; Have a couple who trust us, vendors who work as a team, and an amazing setting. Once these all align then you have an amazing wedding video. That was certainly the case for Anna & Ryan’s wedding. What we loved most about their wedding was the custom built wisteria canopy for dinner. Shannon Leahy and Bows and Arrows Flowers teamed up for this beautiful design!

We’ve been filming in wine country quite a bit, so it felt good to return to the city to film Annie & Mauricio’s wedding! They chose to tie the knot at the iconic Ferry Building in SF. What we loved most about their wedding was their epic mariachi band. We hope you enjoy!

We’ve filmed at Trentadue winery many times now, but each event we still maintain to find a new way to see things. That’s what we love most about weddings, no two are the same. That’s no exception for Anne & David’s amazing day. What we loved most about their wedding was the lovely reception setup under the vines. This was to die for! We hope you enjoy.

We certainly have the coolest “job” in the world! We traveled to Latvia for our good friends Angela & Alex destination wedding. Their both amazing photographers so I knew I had to bring my A game for this one. They gathered together with their closest friends and family at a private residence in Latvia. They pulled out all of the stops for their big day. Live concert, performances, and fire works to name a few. This was our first wedding in Europe so we were very excited for the occasion. We hope you enjoy!

Sometimes you film a wedding and everything just comes together so effortlessly. The perfect weather, emotional speeches, and an awesome couple. This was definitely the case for Kelly & Daryl. We also loved filming their day at Holman ranch in Carmel Valley. Our favorite part of their day is when Daryl sabered the cork off a champagne bottle! We hope you enjoy.

This season has been an amazing one for us. We’re truly thankful for all of our wonderful clients. Mariam and Danny are no exception. We loved filming their blended wedding at Trentadue Winery in Napa. We’ve had the pleasure of filming at Trentadue a lot this year. Our favorite part of their wedding was Danny’s father emotional speech. We hope you enjoy!

Megan & Shawn had the most touching and energetic wedding at Costanoa Lodge in Pescadero. When Megan first came to us she told me she’s been watching wedding videos since a teenager. So I knew right away video was something she valued. Our favorite part from the day was her dad Peter’s amazing funny and witty speech. We hope you enjoy!

Excited to share Yvette & Mike’s Highlight video that took place at V. Sattui. Yvette is an amazing wedding planner (@ymevents), so we were honored when she asked us to film her wedding. No pressure at all for us! Please enjoy.